Dancers and Studios in Our Area to Know

In Fredericksburg, we are fortunate to be within a few hours of so many great dance performers, teachers, and studios. Check these sites regularly (or connect on social media) to be in the know about special shows and workshops.

Bohemian Belly Dance - Washington DC

Born to Dance - Vienna, VA

Chudney - Hampton Roads, VA

Joy of Motion - Bethesda, MD

Kawakib - Fredericksburg, VA

Latifa - Severna Park, MD

Mosaique Studio - Sterling, VA

Queens of the Universe - Richmond, VA

Saffron Dance - Arlington, VA

Sahara Dance - Washington D.C.

Samira Shuruk - Baltimore, MD

Bellydance Hafla at Byblos in Gainesville, VA

It's time for my annual bellydance hafla in Gainesville, VA! Performers include: Katayoun, Iesha & Jasara, Angel, Graciella, Yaalini, Kiyaana, Naida, Al-'Anqa, Sama, Amaria Selene, Asala, Ayperi, Troupe Eshveh, Suzana Nour, Faerima, and Jessy.

Bellydance party at Byblos in Gainesville, VA

October Bellydance Showcase in Fredericksburg

I'm thrilled to present an evening of bellydance performances on October 14 in downtown Fredericksburg! This show will feature professional, hobbyist, and various levels of student dancers, all presenting dances inspired by those in the Middle East. Performers include several of my students (Yaalini, Jessy, Katrina, et al) and guests Suzana Nour, Kawakib, Prism Dancers, and Graciella. 

Our venue is Collab Studios, located on the 4th floor of 810 Caroline St (upstairs from Jabberwocky). Doors will open at 7:00 pm; performances will begin at 7:30 pm. Admission is $10 for ages 13 and up, $3 for ages 5-12, free for age 4 and under.

Pay in advance via PayPal (convenience fee of $.50 added)



How to get to Collab Studios:
Navigate to downtown Fredericksburg. Caroline St is one of several one-way streets. The 800 block has Sammy T's, with a large mural on the side, on a corner. Collab Studios is across the street from Sammy T's, in the middle of the block. You can park on the street for free. Parking is unlimited after 5 pm. There is also free parking a block away, along the river. About two-three blocks away is the parking garage, which is free for the first three hours.

Look for the green and white awning.
810 Caroline St

Enter through the lavender doors:

Go up the green stairs:

Collab Studios is at the very top (door will be open by 7 pm).

New Music!

I'm always looking for music that inspires me. It may be a new release or an oldie-but-goodie. Sometimes there's an album or track that has been around for years, but somehow I missed it! These are my recent finds; some I have purchased and am listening to now, others have been recommended.

Enta Omri from Nesma

Ya Lil - Oriental Dance Music

Ten from Guy Schalom

Visit and search for Mohamed Shahin (recent album Ya Ghazal) and Mercedes Nieto (recent is Habibi)

Raqsat Katya

Cairo Nights 6

Ornina and Hanin by Zaher Assaf

Ne fut-ce qu'en Chine

Susu Pampanin and the Cairo Cats

Music from A-WA