Monday vs. Tuesday Classes

I was recently asked, "What are the differences between your Dance Fxbg and Bodyworks classes?" Good question! If you've been wondering the same, this was my reply: 

Here's how they are the same: basic technique and combinations appropriate for beginners, I bring hipscarves for students to borrow, and students wear basic workout clothing (yoga pants, close-fitting top, dance slippers or barefoot).

How are they different? 
My classes at Dance Fxbg also include basic performance tips, as well as cultural & historical information. The 8 pm class has beginners and advanced beginners. When we are drilling movements, I will often go student-to-student to observe posture and make corrections, where needed. I have structured these classes to focus for two months (Sept/Oct) on a specific topic or skill, then two months (Nov/Dec) on a simple choreography, then back to a skill (Jan/Feb), etc. In the course of a year, I cover what I (and most other bellydance teachers) think students should know at the Beginner/Adv. Beginner level. Almost every week, I send an email message to the class with reminders about what to practice, links to music to use, links to video clips I make for students, and info about bellydance related topics and events. I also provide occasional performance opportunities for students in these classes.
Tuesdays at Bodyworks are bellydance fitness. Since it's at a gym, I am aiming for a work-out format with a constant pace for the whole hour. The class has beginners as well as experienced dancers. I generally don't make individual corrections unless someone is doing something that will hurt her, then I would go over & help fix it. Every month there is a new routine, so every class that month uses the same combinations. We switch up the last 10 minutes of the class with a prop (which I provide if students don't have their own) such as veil, cane, finger cymbals, or sometimes fan veil. 

In summary, if performing appeals to you and you like to move at a slower pace when learning, then start with the Monday night class. Otherwise, either night will get you started with learning to bellydance.
Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.