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Day of Dance at Spotsylvania Mall

Saturday, February 16th - Join me at the Spotsylvania Towne Center (mall) for dance-for-fitness demos and health information, sponsored by MWHC. Dance with me at 3:30. Contact me if you want a preview of the routine(s) I'll be using. Looking forward to a fun afternoon of dance!

Benefits of Bellydance

Thinking about trying a bellydance class? There are many reasons why students sign up for that first session - curiosity, feeling adventurous, seeking a new fitness activity. (I myself had always loved dancing and wanted to learn a style that didn't require a partner.) Whatever brings you into your first class, don't be surprised if you discover much more than you originally expected!

I'm not alone in recommending this; internationally-known dancer Hadia of Canada writes about the Benefits of Bellydance here.

While bellydancing is a great way to enhance your fitness routine, you will quickly discover the challenge and reward of "new" - new ways to move, unfamiliar music, unique costuming, new friends, etc. When you were a child, you were learning new things EVERY day. You were practically bombarded with "new" at school. In adulthood, we often get into comfortable routines and don't stimulate our brains and bodies with the unknown. Stuck in a rut! Bellydancing is sure to get you out of your comfort zone and open you up to forming new pathways mentally and physically.

Bellydancing has put me back in touch with certain aspects of my "inner child" through my love for music (ten years of piano lessons, band, and choir), my attraction to creating and crafting with fabric (Mom started me on the sewing machine when I was seven), and, of course, my love for movement (did I mention those years of choir included show choir, complete with choreography?) Plus, what little girl (or boy) doesn't love skipping around a room, swirling colorful fabric? Put on a drum solo and watch children try to sit still. It's not going to happen. I won't sit still, either! 

Other ways that taking a belly dance class can help you:

Belly Dancers Reap Benefits (from Aging Horizons Bulletin)

Effectiveness of (Belly) Dance on Patients with Fibromyalgia
 - Click on the "Study Results" tab and then look at the Outcome Measures.  How exciting to see such improvements!

Belly Dance as a Means of Dance Therapy - This article discusses both the physiological and the psychological benefits of Middle Eastern Dance.  There are many citations listed at the bottom for further exploration.

Every Little Girl Should Know a Belly Dancer - I think there are many truths in this article about the potential confidence-building benefits of bellydance. 

Bellydancing Health Benefits - Experienced performer and teacher Keti Sharif shares her thoughts of the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of belly dancing.

Health Benefits of Belly Dance - A dance studio in Atlanta offers this article for prospective students.

Get Moving: Belly dance is an exercise for any body

9 Reasons Every Woman Should Take Out Belly Dancing

Scientists Take a Look at the Feel-Good Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly Dance Your Way to a More Positive Body Image

So DO it!  Sign up for a class and see where it takes you.  You might be surprised.

Happy 2013!!!!!

Happy New Year from Kiyaana!

Hope the New Year is off to a great start!  I'm really excited about getting back in the swing with classes next Monday & Tuesday, January 7 & 8. It's always fun to see returning students and meet new ones. As always, you have two options - regular bellydance classes on Monday nights at Strictly Ballroom and SharQui, bellydancing as a workout, at Bodyworks on Tuesdays, all in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Please let me know if you have any questions about class details.

Bellydance Hafla at Nora

Join us for great food & fabulous dancers! Call 703-753-0233 to make a reservation. 4-6:30 pm. 
Nora Taste of Lebanon in Gainesville, VA.

Where You've Seen Kiyaana

Hey, you look familiar! Here's a list of where you may have seen me.
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Nora Taste of Lebanon, Gainesville, VA   Regularly featured on Fridays & Saturdays (ongoing)  
Riad Moroccan Grill, Richmond, VA   Friday dining room and hookah lounge bellydance performances. May 2013.  
The Phoenician, Richmond, VA   Regularly featured on Saturdays in 2012  
Laziza, Fredericksburg, VA   Regularly featured on Fridays & Saturdays (May 2008 - December 2010); occasional Ladies Night classes  
Aladin, Fredericksburg, VA (Rte. 3 and Rte. 17)   Regularly featured on Fridays (December 2007 - February 2010); Regularly featured one Saturday a month (2012 - ongoing) at the Rte. 3 location, one Sunday a month at the Rte. 17 location  
Casablanca, Alexandria, VA   Occasional live music shows with multiple bellydancers on Fridays (ongoing)  
Jimmy the Greek, Stafford, VA   Restaurant show in September 2009; special events   
Mediterranean Breeze, Ashburn, VA   Tiraz Holiday Hafla, December 2011 and December 2012  
Greek Islands, Richmond, VA    Shimmy Sunday, May 2011 & April 2012   
Off the Hookah, Richmond, VA   Lounge shows, two occasions, 2010   
Baba Ganoush, Fredericksburg, VA   Bellydance Social for Hope House (benefit that raised $250!!!!)  
Art Attack, Downtown Fredericksburg, VA   Arts promotion event on the streets of Fredericksburg. September 8, 2012.  

Day of Dance, Spotsylvania Towne Center,
Fredericksburg, VA

  Dance for health event sponsored by Mary Washington Healthcare's Spirit of Women. February 16, 2013.