Kiyaana has been a lifelong dancer, but has discovered her true love in Raqs Sharqi, the "Dance of the East", or bellydance.  She began studying bellydance over eight years ago and has warmly embraced the music, culture, and history of this Middle Eastern dance form.  Her studies began with Kawakib and in 2003, Kiyaana placed first in the "Rising Star" category of The East Coast Classic belly dance competition.  She then studied with Scheherezade and continues to learn from respected local and international workshop instructors.

Kiyaana is currently a featured performer at Nora Taste of Lebanon in Gainesville, VA and The Phoenician in Richmond, VA.  Her over-300 performances include weddings, various private parties, and restaurants in Virginia.  Kiyaana was a featured performer for over two years at Laziza Lebanese Restaurant and Aladin Hookah Cafe, both in Fredericksburg, VA. Kiyaana has also been an invited performer at shows produced by the Women of Selket, a Richmond-based dance troupe, by Latifa, and also Nadia. On March 16th, 2012, Kiyaana was part of the Club Bellydance show in Richmond.