12 Days of Bellydance (Insert Holiday Here) Gifts

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Have a festive Saturnalia! Happy Holidays! As we well know, bellydancers come from all walks of life, variety of religions, etc. One thing we have in common - we love sparkly things! Well, maybe not quite as much sparkle for tribal dancers, but my list includes gift ideas for those ladies and gents, too.

1. Bellydance.com. The name says it all! I recommend the square sequin hip scarves, ruffle lace hip wrap, Saroyan Arabesque finger cymbals, Aziza's veil & hands/arms/poses DVDs, Masters of Egyptian Choreography DVDs, and Fan Veils DVDs (Mahsati or Sedona). Steer clear of the tops/bras and anything else fitted; it is really challenging to pick the correct sizes of such items for someone else. Feel free to contact me if you want a specific recommendation.

2. "I Bellydance. What's Your Superpower?" shirts. These are my own design. Dancers love the fitted style for wearing to class! 

3. Barefoot Sandals. Many of these are marketed towards beach weddings, so may be a bit overpriced, but if your dancer performs barefoot, some may be just her style.

4. Embroidered Kiss-Lock Coin Purse. Perfect for holding a pair of finger cymbals, some jewelry, or, of course, cash. And really pretty, too!

5. Colorful, High-quality Yoga Mat. Chances are, if she's any kind of serious dancer, she's stretching regularly and a beautiful yoga mat will enhance her experience. (Just make sure she doesn't think you're telling her she needs to exercise!!!)

6. Belly Dance Journal. Does your dancer like to take notes? Perhaps reflect on the happenings of the day? This journal is perfect, offering "practice pages" and "guided practices."

7. Portable Speaker. This one is waterproof and wireless, ideal for bluetooth capability and practicing in a big studio space.

8. Makeup Brushes. Your dancer likely has a whole set of brushed, blushes, eyeliners, shadows, lipsticks, etc. This sweet little travel set can go along to a gig for last-minute touch-ups. Or, give a gift certificate to a local cosmetics store, such as Ulta, Sephora, or MAC.

9. Jewelry. Hmmm. This can be tricky, depending on the dance style. My money's on these earrings for versatility; oriental and tribal dancers could make these work. You may want to opt for a Charming Charlie gift card if you have a store in your area. For sparkly dangle earrings, these are great and you can pick her favorite color. 

10. Gift Certificates for Classes or Private Lessons. If your dancer takes weekly classes or regular private lessons, contact the studio or instructor to find out about gift certificates. Or, if s/he has been talking about wanting to go to a workshop, make your own certificate that says you're paying for the workshop and hotel costs. I am forever grateful for the Christmas cash that helped me further my dance education!

11. Yoga Sandals. Okay, these look kind of strange, but I love them for two reasons. Number one, they really work for keeping my toes apart for pedicures. Two, when I've been dancing quite a bit or even just on my feet, the toe-separation and cushy footbed feel really great. If you aren't too sure about the sandals, go for the YogaToes Gems.

12. Relaxation. Dancers' bodies work hard! Encourage relaxation and recovery with a gift certificate to a local massage therapist or spa.